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Twisted Breed LLC provides marketing and business consulting and graphic design services to small businesses and start-ups. We are more than a marketing agency, we are an ideal. We don't work and play in a vacuum. Our experiences are varied and 'twisted'—our lives are intertwined. We believe work is meant to be rewarding. By twisting hard work and fun together with people from different backgrounds and experiences, we create unlimited possibility. It is our goal to foster successful business partnerships built on goodwill and integrity, and twist it together with a lot of fun.

Koren Klumpp and her rescue dog named Karma

Fun, Loyal, Honest, Adventurers:
Welcome to
Twisted Breed!

While our human relationships are the heart of twisted breed, our love of dogs keeps our hearts warm and our minds humbled. The values of Twisted Breed are reflective of our loyal companions.

Our Values:


We are committed to the highest levels of ethical conduct. We mean what we say, and we say what we mean. We stand by our word and stand behind every action.


Relationships are the cornerstone of both our personal and professional lives. Fostering true trust and loyalty is built with mutual respect. To be a part of Twisted Breed you are part of a loyal pack that has only the best intentions for every member.


Challenges come in many shapes and sizes. We are always learning and finding ways to solve problems, provide support, and dig up solutions to whatever comes our way.


To be adventurous is to show courage, to embrace the creative and entrepreneurial spirits that drive each of us. We are always looking forward to where the road will lead us next.


Life is short and we encourage a healthy balance of hard work and play. We take time to enjoy life and appreciate the good in everyone we meet.

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